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1. All Clients Who Want To Deal With SNBuySell.com Should Be Indians & Must Be Verified & Get CINS (Client Identification Number At SNBuySell). You Need To Send Following Documents By Email, Or Upload Here UPLOAD HERE!
On Mobile UPLOAD!

A) A Latest Passport Size Photograph.

B) A Scanned Copy Of Aadhaar Card, Or Indian Passport, Or Driver's License, Or Voters' ID Card. And

C) A Scanned Copy Of PAN Card.

Note: All Older Verified Clients Who Have Transactional History With SNBuySell.com Are Not Required To Re-Submit/Re-Send Above Documents. For Privacy & Security Reasons, We Delete Your Uploaded Documents From The Web Server After Successful Verification.

Prohibition: Third Party Payments Are Strictly Prohibited; INR Sender's Name Should Match With The Name In Record. Order Submission Through Anonymous Proxy-Server Or Any Other Anonymous Internet Connection Is Strictly Prohibited.


2. SNBuySell As A Digital Currency Exchange Service Provider Has A Responsibility And A Commitment To Prohibit & Actively Prevent Money Laundering & Any Activity That Facilitates Money Laundering Or The Funding Of Terrorism Or Any Other Criminal Activities. To Fulfill This Goal, We Have Implemented A Specific & Comprehensive Internal Anti-Money Laundering Policy.

3.What Is Money Laundering?
Money Laundering Is Generally Defined As Engaging In Acts Designed To Conceal Or Disguise The True Origins Of Criminally Derived Proceeds So That The Unlawful Proceeds Appear To Have Been Derived From Legitimate Origins Or Constitute Legitimate Assets. Generally, Money Laundering Occurs In Three Stages:
i. Cash First Enters The Financial System At The "Placement" Stage, Where The Cash Generated From Criminal Activities Is Converted Into Monetary Instruments, Such As Money Orders Or Traveler's Cheques, Or Deposited Into Accounts At Financial Institutions;
ii. At The "Layering" Stage, The Funds Are Transferred Or Moved Into Other Accounts Or Other Financial Institutions To Further Separate The Money From Its Criminal Origin; And
iii. At The "Integration" Stage, The Funds Are Reintroduced Into The Economy & Used To Purchase Legitimate Assets Or To Fund Other Criminal Activities Or Legitimate Businesses. Terrorist Financing May Not Involve The Proceeds Of Criminal Conduct, But Rather Attempt To Conceal The Origin Or Intended Use Of The Funds, Which Will Later Be Used For Criminal Purposes.

4. All New Clients Are To Send Above Documents To Get Verified.
Client Identification and Verification: We Collect Certain Client Identification Information From Each Client Who Wants To Deal With SNBuySell. We Record Client Identification Information, Verification Methods, And The Results; Documents Are Requested Of All Existing Clients And Prospective Clients Are Notified That Certain Documents Are Required In Order To Open An Account. We Verify Customer Identity Through Documentary Evidence, Non-Documentary Evidence, Or Both. We Use Documents To Verify Customer Identity When Appropriate Documents Are Available. In Light Of The Increased Instances Of Identity Fraud, We Will Supplement The Use Of Documentary Evidence By Using The Non-Documentary Means Described Below Whenever Possible. We May Also Use Such Non-Documentary Means, After Using Documentary Evidence, If We Are Still Uncertain About Whether We Know The True Identity Of The Customer. In Analyzing The Verification Information, We Will Consider Whether There Is A Logical Consistency Among The Identifying Information Provided, Such As The Customer’s Name, Street Address, PIN/ZIP Code And Telephone/Mobile Number. We Understand That We Are Not Required To Take Steps To Determine Whether The Document That The Customer Has Provided To Us For Identity Verification Has Been Validly Issued & That We May Rely On A Government-Issued Identification As Verification Of A Customer's Identity. If, However, We Note That Any Document Shows Some Obvious Form Of Fraud, We Consider That Factor In Determining Whether We Can Form A Reasonable Belief That We Know The Customer’s True Identity.
Additional Areas Of Risk: SNBuySell Has Reviewed All Areas Of Its Business To Verify That All Potential Money Laundering Risks Are Covered In The Procedures Described Above. No Additional Areas Of Risk Exist & Therefore, No Other Procedures Are Necessary At This Time.


5. We Maintain Your Details Personally And Do Not Share With Any Third Party. In Case Of Any Legal Problems Or Cases Like Fraud We May Provide The Information To Appropriate Local, Municipal, State, Provincial, Federal Or International Bodies, Legal Action, Law Suits, Legal Investigations Or Financial Audits. All Disputes Held Within Our Jurisdiction Of Our Permanent Address.

6. We Do Not Act As Any Mediator At Any Cost Or Issue.


7. Any Kind Of Transactions Are Non-Refundable (Subject To Consideration).


8. The Mail ID Which You Provide During Your Order And Your e-Currency Mail ID Should Be The Same. And The Confirmation Screenshot Should Also Be From The Same Mail ID.


9. During Any Buying Or Selling Of Your e-Currency.., In Case Of Any Fraud.., Company Has The Right To Make A Case And Will Also Collect Back The Transaction Amount.

10. If Needed, The Seller Or Buyer Should Provide His Transaction History Of e-Currency From Where He Bought(Purchased) Or Earned The e-Currency.

11. Company Is Not Responsible For Percentage Deduction Of Your Buying Transactions. During Buying Or Selling Transactions Company Pays The Amount Excluding The Percentage Deduction.


12. We At SNBuySell.com Provide e-Currency Exchange Services Only. We Do Not Have Any Link Or Relation With Any Third Party Or Any Other Business. Our Emails: Manager(At)snbuysell.com , Complaints(AT)snbuysell.com & SNBuySell.com(At)gmail.com ; Our Mobile Number: +917531860900. We Do Not Authorize Any Other Email Or Mobile Number. We Do Not Authorize Any Person To Deal On Behalf Of Us.

13. Please Do Not Trust The Third Party Members. We Are Not Responsible If Any Third Party Member Contacts You From Any Other Contact. Our Company Will Contact You Only From Contact Details Mentioned In Our Contact Page. Please Inform Us If Any Third Party Member Use Our Name.


14. To Make Advance Buying Or Selling Orders.., Or To Cancel Your Advance Buying Or Selling Orders.., Should Mail/Chat/Call Us Within 24 Hours To The Given Mail ID/Mobile No. In The Contact Page.

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